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We supporte and develop everything for intercom, telephone reversing facility. We designing, install and build networks, and associated server and router firewall switcher. Builds networks with intercom, video monitoring over Ethernet network. We draw cables for network and install the network connection. Setting up the camera, webcam and video surveillance. We make service on Asterisk phone systems. Web pages with WebRTC, and direct dial phone, from the web pages. Associated telephone system as "cloud" solution, with cheap call rates. We custom make hardware and PC server; for special tasks using FPGAs and massively parallel CPU. "Cloud storage" with fast fiber connection, and under Danish law (not the United States (NSA)). And, there are supporting the BitTorrent Syncthing
We are representing of software engineering, electronics engineering, low power engineering and other similar Candidates.

Intranet connection to the Internet for housing association. Various projects with data collection.


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Grøn energi

Alternative, chimney pipe wind + solar energy
Denmarks Energymap